International Chapter of Clinical Endocrinology​

ICCE (International Chapter of Clinical Endocrinology) aims to promote the relationship between Italian endocrinologists and their colleagues from other countries around the world.
Our goals:

  • sharing scientific evidence, as well as new projects and ideas related to the clinical management of patients suffering from endocrine disease
  • facilitate the accessibility of consensus papers and guidelines released by the major scientific organizations in the field of Clinical Endocrinology
  • planning scientific events (e.g. meetings, seminars) focusing on innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to the endocrine diseases, as well as on new organizational models and solutions implemented in different countries
  • building a lively network of unique professional and human stories which tell about the universal values of friendship, respect and solidarity.

Ambitious goals, we know. But they are not out of reach.

We have some good ideas but we need your help to put them into practice.
The more numerous we grow, the more intense and strong our effort will become.

Andrea Frasoldati

UO Endocrinologia, Arcispedale S Maria Nuova IRCCS, Reggio Emilia,

Giorgio Borretta
Past President

SC di Endocrinologia, Diabetologia e Metabolismo, ASO S. Croce e Carle, Cuneo,

Roberto Attanasio
Presidente Eletto

Ambulatorio di Endocrinologia, Istituto Galeazzi IRCCS, Milano,

Elena Castellano

SC di Endocrinologia, Diabetologia e Metabolismo, ASO S. Croce e Carle, Cuneo,

Roberto Negro

UO Endocrinologia, PO “V. Fazzi”, Lecce,

Lorenza Gagliardi

UO Endocrinologia e Malattie Metaboliche, Dipartimento Medicina Specialistica, Ospedale GB Morgagni, Forlì,

Rinaldo Guglielmi

UOC Endocrinologia & Malattie del Metabolismo , Ospedale Regina Apostolorum, Albano Laziale (RM),